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Blue Water Seaman Lawyer

As a blue water seaman lawyer, Conlogue Law can assist blue water seamen and their families in claims under the Jones Act or the general maritime law for personal injury or death against their employer or vessel owner. The firm provides the professional legal expertise that injured seamen deserve.

The world of the professional mariner is surrounded with peril. Laboring at sea carries with it inherent dangers as a blue water seaman. And, one does not need to be well versed in one’s legal rights. That is when Conlogue Law can represent you for your maritime injury. We will familiarize you with information regarding your rights under the Jones Act and general maritime law for personal injuries or wrongful death, wage claims and maintenance and cure. Once you know your legal rights protecting you, you will be better equipped to handle your duties offshore.

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If you are a blue water seaman and injured, you need the diligence and professionalism of Conlogue Law, LLP, to protect your rights and maximize your compensation. Call us at (213) 255-8837 for a free consultation.

We serve seamen in California and Hawaii for injuries that occur in the Pacific and throughout the world.

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