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Police shootings and the excessive use of deadly force by police where it is not necessary may be considered a violation of the Constitution. Our Los Angeles police shootings attorney at Conlogue Law LLP is experienced in litigating unlawful police shooting cases. 

When police shootings result in wrongful death or serious bodily injuries, we work closely with forensic investigators, medical personnel, ballistics and firearms experts, and specialists in law enforcement to uncover the true circumstances leading up to and surrounding the shooting. When we believe a police shooting is unlawful, we do everything in our power to achieve justice for victims and their families. 

Conlogue Law LLP has recovered over seven figures against state and local police agencies who have violated our client’s constitutional rights. In lawsuits surrounding police shootings, the facts mean everything. The results of your case are based on how thoroughly the attorneys review and investigate the circumstances surrounding the officers’ decision to use deadly force. 

We have successfully handled police shooting cases resulting in serious injuries and death against city, state, and county police officers and sheriff’s deputies. We have also represented people who have been victims of excessive force in their own homes. The efforts of our legal team will ensure justice for victims of police shootings. Police shootings take loved ones from the community and emotionally harm families. If you and your family are victims of a police shooting, call us immediately.

What is Police Shooting?

Police shooting in Los Angeles, California refers to incidents where law enforcement officers employed deadly force, resulting in the death of a person. In recent years, police shooting incidents in Los Angeles have drawn national attention and sparked widespread protests, as well as calls for reform in law enforcement practices. 

The issue of police shootings in Los Angeles, and across the United States, has become a topic of intense debate, with advocates calling for greater accountability, transparency, and reform in police practices, while others defend the actions of law enforcement officers as necessary to maintain public safety.

What Are The Common Causes of Police Shootings in Los Angeles?

There are several causes of police shooting incidents in Los Angeles, California. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Lack of Training

Some police officers in Los Angeles may not receive adequate training in de-escalation techniques, crisis intervention, or the use of non-lethal force. This can lead to situations where officers feel compelled to use deadly force when other options may have been available.

  • Inadequate Mental Health Screening

Many police shootings in Los Angeles involve individuals with mental health issues or disabilities. Police officers may not be adequately trained to recognize and respond to individuals with mental health needs, which can lead to tragic outcomes.

  • Racial Bias and Discrimination

There is a long history of racial bias and discrimination within law enforcement in Los Angeles and across the United States. Police officers may be more likely to use deadly force against individuals from certain racial or ethnic backgrounds, which can lead to unjustified shootings.

  • Inappropriate Use of Force

In some cases, police officers in Los Angeles may use excessive or unnecessary force, including deadly force, when attempting to subdue a suspect. This can be due to a lack of training, poor judgment, or a desire to exert power and control.

  • Lack of Accountability

There have been cases in Los Angeles where police officers involved in shootings are not held accountable for their actions. This can lead to a sense of impunity among law enforcement officers, which may encourage further use of deadly force in the future.

Each police shooting incident is unique and can have multiple causes. Addressing these underlying issues requires a comprehensive and multifaceted approach that involves training, policy reform, and community engagement. 

What Are The Current Responses to Police Shootings in Los Angeles?

There have been several responses to police shootings in Los Angeles, California in recent years. Some of the current responses include:

  • Criminal Prosecution of Officers

In some cases, police officers involved in shootings are criminally prosecuted for their actions. This is often done to hold officers accountable for their use of deadly force and to provide a measure of justice for the victim’s family.

  • Civil Lawsuits

Victims of police shootings, or their families, may file civil lawsuits against the officers and the police department. These lawsuits can help to provide compensation for damages and hold law enforcement accountable for their actions.

  • Police Reform Efforts

There have been ongoing efforts to reform law enforcement practices in Los Angeles and across the United States. These reforms aim to address underlying issues such as racial bias, inadequate training, and lack of accountability.

  • Body-Worn Cameras and Other Technological Solutions

Many police departments, including the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), have implemented the use of body-worn cameras to increase transparency and accountability. Other technological solutions, such as non-lethal weapons, are also being explored as a way to reduce the use of deadly force.

While these responses are important, they have been criticized as insufficient to address the systemic issues that contribute to police shootings. More comprehensive and systemic reforms are needed to address issues such as racial bias, inadequate training, and lack of accountability in law enforcement practices.

What is The Bane Act?

The Bane Act, also known as the Tom Bane Civil Rights Act, is a California state law that allows individuals to file lawsuits against government officials and law enforcement officers who violate their civil rights. The law provides a legal remedy for individuals who have been subjected to excessive force, false arrest, or other violations of their constitutional rights by public officials.

To prove a violation of the Bane Act, the plaintiff must show that the government official or law enforcement officer acted with the intent to violate their civil rights. This can be demonstrated through evidence of the official’s words or conduct, as well as the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The Bane Act has been used in a number of high-profile cases in California, including cases involving police shootings and excessive force by law enforcement. It provides a mechanism for individuals to seek redress for violations of their civil rights, while also holding government officials and law enforcement officers accountable for their actions.

How Do I Bring A Civil Rights Lawsuit Under The Bane Act?

To bring a civil rights lawsuit under the Bane Act, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Determine if your constitutional rights have been violated

The Bane Act protects your constitutional rights, including the right to free speech, assembly, and equal protection under the law. If you believe that someone has violated your constitutional rights through threats, intimidation, or coercion, you may have a valid claim under the Bane Act.

  1. Gather evidence

Collect any evidence that supports your claim, including witness statements, video recordings, or any other documentation that can prove that your constitutional rights were violated.

  1. Consult with an attorney

It is recommended that you speak with our Los Angeles police shootings attorney who is experienced in civil rights law to help you evaluate your claim and determine the best course of action.

  1. File a complaint

If you decide to move forward with a lawsuit, you will need to file a complaint in the appropriate court. Your complaint should include a description of the violation, the damages you suffered, and the relief you are seeking.

  1. Attend court hearings

You will need to attend all court hearings related to your case, including the trial if it goes to court. Our Los Angeles police shootings attorney can help you prepare for these hearings and represent you in court.

Bringing a civil rights lawsuit under the Bane Act can be complex and challenging. Working with our Los Angeles police shootings lawyer can help increase your chances of success.

Who We Sue For Police Shootings?

Conlogue Law LLP handles police shooting cases against all of the following police departments: 

  • Alhambra Police Department

  • Arcadia Police Department

  • Azusa Police Department 

  • Baldwin Park Police Department

  • Bell Police Department

  • Bell Gardens Police Department

  • Beverly Hills Police Department 

  • Burbank Police Department

  • Claremont Police Department

  • Covina Police Department

  • Culver City Police Department

  • Downey Police Department

  • El Monte Police Department

  • El Segundo Police Department

  • Gardena Police Department

  • Glendale Police Department

  • Glendora Police Department

  • Hawthorne Police Department

  • Hermosa Beach Police Department

  • Huntington Park Police Department

  • Inglewood Police Department

  • Irwindale Police Department

  • La Verne Police Department

  • Long Beach Police Department

  • Los Angeles Police Department

  • Manhattan Beach Police Department

  • Monrovia Police Department

  • Montebello Police Department

  • Monterey Park Police Department

  • Palos Verdes Estates Police Department

  • Pasadena Police Department

  • Pomona Police Department

  • Redondo Beach Police Department

  • San Fernando Police Department

  • San Gabriel Police Department

  • San Marino Police Department

  • Santa Fe Springs Police Department

  • Santa Monica Police Department

  • Sierra Madre Police Department

  • Signal Hill Police Department

  • South Gate Police Department

  • South Pasadena Police Department

  • Torrance Police Department

  • Vernon Police Department

  • West Covina Police Department

  • Whittier Police Department, and the 

  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Why Do I Need a Los Angeles Police Shootings Attorney?

Victims of police shootings in Los Angeles may need the assistance of our Los Angeles police shootings attorney to help protect their legal rights and pursue justice. 

Here are some reasons why victims of police shootings may need our Los Angeles police shootings lawyer at Conlogue Law LLP:

  • Our legal team has the legal knowledge and resources to navigate the complex legal system and fight for your rights.

  • We can conduct an independent investigation into the shooting to gather evidence and build a strong case. This can include reviewing police reports, witness statements, and video footage of the incident.

  • Our civil rights attorney can negotiate with law enforcement agencies and insurance companies on your behalf to seek a fair settlement or compensation for damages.

  • If necessary, our legal team can represent you in court and advocate for your rights at trial.

Conlogue Law LLP is a law firm that represents victims of police shootings in Los Angeles. We offer a free consultation to victims and their families to discuss their legal options and provide guidance on how to proceed. Get in touch with us right away through the chat box located at the lower right of our homepage website.

Call our Los Angeles Police Shootings Attorney Now!

Police shootings can result in devastating consequences, including serious injury or death, as well as emotional and psychological trauma for the victim and their loved ones. But don’t worry, our legal team at Conlogue Law LLP who are experienced in handling police shooting cases and other kinds of excessive force can help navigate tricky legal issues that sometimes accompany these lawsuits. 

We are skilled at addressing the defense of “qualified immunity,” a legal doctrine that can permit a police officer to escape liability even when his or her use of force is excessive. Defeating this defense can require an exhaustive analysis of case law in order to demonstrate that a reasonable officer would have been on legal notice about the excessiveness of the force used. 

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a police shooting in Los Angeles, California, Conlogue Law LLP offers a free consultation to victims and their families. Contact us right away to discuss your legal options and the best way to proceed with your case. 



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