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Crew Member Injuries

Crew member injuries aboard a container ship, merchant vessel, cruise ship, yacht, or boat can be devastating. A job aboard a shipping vessel is a dangerous career. Regardless of whether the vessel is a container ship, ferry, yacht, cruise ship, tanker, or even a fishing boat, workers aboard these vessels have some the highest risks of injury while one the job. Fortunately, the law offers these workers some unique rights of recovery when injured, but they need a Los Angeles maritime attorney. Conlogue Law LLP specializes in vessel, cruise ship, and maritime accident claims. That means we assist injured crew members at sea.

Crew Member Injuries

Crew members that are able to satisfy the requirement of seaman status under admiralty law have special rights and remedies. A seaman may sue his or her employer under a Federal Statute called the Jones Act. A Jones Act seaman also possesses an additional claim for unseaworthiness against a vessel, yacht, or shipowner. Under an unseaworthiness claim, a Jones Act seaman may sue for the mere existence of a dangerous condition that contributes to an injury in any way. This is true even if the vessel, yacht, or shipowner was unaware of the dangerous condition before it caused the injury. Jones Act seamen are afforded these special rights in recognition of the perils and hazards associated with their shipboard duties.

A seaman who is injured may sue his employer, the vessel owner, and the vessel itself, under Jones Act negligence, unseaworthiness, maintenance and cure, earned penalty wage claim, and unearned or sick wages.

Each of these claims requires that certain elements be proven for you to obtain a recovery. Knowing what elements must be proven under each maritime claim and how to prove these elements is the business of an experienced maritime practitioner and the trade of Conlogue Law LLP.

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