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Ferry Passenger Accidents

Ferry passenger accidents often result in personal injury and death to workers and passengers onboard. Conlogue Law LLP represents victims of ferry boat accidents and gets them compensation they deserve.

Had A Ferry Passenger Accident?

Ferries are boats or ships that carry passengers and often vehicles across bodies of water on regular or repeated round trips. Accidents involving ferries occur frequently. In the U.S., hundred of persons are injured or killed in incidents involving ferries each year. Many injuries on ferries and even deaths happen because of the negligence of other parties, including employers and ferry owners. As a passenger, you are covered by maritime law and have rights that need to be protected.

Ferry Employee Injuries

Seamen and other maritime employees who are injured aboard ferries of any type, including water taxis and car ferries, have the right for compensation. The Jones Act and general maritime law give injured seamen the right to file claims against ship owners and vessel owners if the injuries were caused by negligence or if the vessel was unseaworthy. Longshore workers injured while loading or providing any services to a ferry are also covered for their injuries by the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act.

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