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Jones Act Seaman Lawyer

As a Jones Act seaman lawyer, Conlogue Law LLP represents seamen injured at sea and while in port. The Jones Act, also referred to as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, is a federal statute that protects United States merchant marines like you in the event of an injury or accident. The rules under the Jones Act protect seamen in the event of negligence, injuries, and unseaworthiness.

Do You Need A Jones Act Seaman Lawyer?

If a seaman is injured while at sea and the employer doesn’t provide medical care, as required by law, he is protected under the Jones Act and has the legal right for compensation. Seamen can be at sea for days and even weeks, and must be provided the necessary food, medical care, and shelter.

Also, the Jones Act protects seamen if the vessel they are employed on is considered “unseaworthy.” Unseaworthy vessels fall under maritime law which has its own set of rules that constitute what makes a vessel unseaworthy or safe for travel. The structure of a vessel can make it unseaworthy. A vessel can be unseaworthy if the seamen were not provided the proper safety precautions while at work and the correct tools or equipment to use while working. The vessel may operate properly, but it can still be deemed unseaworthy if seamen are put in danger because of employer negligence and carelessness.

As you know, working as a seaman in the maritime industry is a high-risk occupation. Heavy loads, large equipment, seaworthiness, or difficult conditions can contribute to elevated risks of injury. The isolation a seaman faces is another health factor. Where do you go when you suffer a severe head injury when you are miles offshore? When maritime injuries occur, expert medical aid is often days away, while life-altering injuries have a window made of minutes. As such, a maritime injury is much more serious than a similar incident occurring on land.

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