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Merchant Marine Injury

With a merchant marine injury, you may have only one opportunity to pursue a claim for damages as a result of your maritime injury. It can be critical that you use this one opportunity wisely to obtain full compensation, which needs to last a lifetime.

You may be entitled to claim benefits as a Jones Act seaman or under general maritime law. This puts you in a class above most other workers in that you are not limited to benefits under a workers compensation program, which, in many circumstances, either does not apply and will not nearly adequately compensate you in the event of personal injury.

What To Do With A Merchant Marine Injury?

In order to obtain benefits as a Jones Act seaman, all that is required is that you have some connection to a vessel, regardless of its size, and that the vessel is in navigation, which can mean simply that it floats and accomplishes a specific mission. Vessels can be no larger than skiffs or work barges qualifying as vessels in navigation for purposes of injured workers to obtain maritime benefits. You do not even need to necessarily live, sleep, sail, or eat aboard the vessel to qualify.

If you qualify as a Jones Act seaman, you qualify for significant benefits and remedies under Federal law. These include maintenance and cure, the right to recover your lost earnings while you are disabled, as well as lost future earnings if you are unable to return to your former employment. You may also be entitled to costs of retraining. All of your medical and related treatment needs are paid, and you have the right to be involved in the selection of your medical providers. You are also entitled to recover for pain and suffering arising as from your injury. Again, a living expense called maintenance is owed to you while you are recovering from injury and under treatment.

When we represent a client, Conlogue Law LLP determines what benefits are due, and we fight to get you those benefits. With our maritime firm, there is no charge or costs paid by you for our services. Our contingency fee and costs are paid by the recovery from your lawsuit. For a free consultation, call (213) 255-8837 to speak to a maritime lawyer.

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