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Offshore Oil Rig Worker

An offshore oil rig worker faces daily dangers. Oil drilling and exploration aboard offshore drilling rigs result in serious injuries. Conlogue Law LLP are here to help oil rig drilling platform workers as a result of an offshore or crew boat accident resulting in personal injury or death.

Offshore Oil Rig Worker Accidents

Do not look further than the recent Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico to confirm the dangers associated with offshore oil rig work. These types of accidents often occur because of improper safety precautions, improper or insufficient training, and worn or defective equipment, .

Safety is compromised in an effort to reduce costs. The responsible parties are the company leasing the rig, the owner of the rig, and the rig superintendent. Every company leasing a rig wants the well drilled and tested quickly. Oftentimes, this is done dangerously.

Few attorneys understand the dangers associated with working offshore than the Conlogue Law LLP. The law governing offshore operations is the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Acts (OCSLA). Under the OCSLA, federal agencies regulate every phase of exploration, production and development of oil and gas. The Act provides that the holder of a rig lease must maintain all operations safely.

Any resident of the United States while working on an oil rig who is injured through the failure of an operator to comply with any rule or regulation may sue for damages. The application of admiralty jurisdiction over workers engaged in offshore operations depends upon the vessel, the status of the injured party, and the location of the accident.

An evaluation of the above factors will determine issues regarding jurisdiction and control by federal law and your compensation.

In many situations, the OCSLA provides for a question of federal jurisdiction, although state courts have concurrent jurisdiction and, thus your case can be filed in state or federal court. Depending upon the facts of your case, an OCSLA incident may also involve admiralty jurisdiction.

With an oil rig accident, the Longshore Act can also apply. Call Conlogue Law LLP at (213) 255-8837 for a free consultation with an experience maritime attorney.

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