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Police Illegal Searches

Police illegal searches violate the Constitution. Understanding the law in regard to searches and seizures by law enforcement is important. Law enforcement cannot simply search or arrest whomever they wish. They must establish probable cause, conduct a search, or make an arrest based upon a valid warrant issued by a judge. Conlogue Law LLP understands how search and seizure violations deteriorate our society. We can utilize our knowledge on this subject to obtain justice for you with an illegal search.

Searches of Your House, Apartment, or Car

Police officers cannot enter a house without a valid search warrant or without the voluntary permission of the owner. In some cases, officers approach a house, knock on the door, and begin talking to the person who opens the door, and gain access. In the process, they try to look into the house to see if there is anything in plain sight that they believe provides them with probable cause to enter the house without a warrant or an exigent circumstance. Many of these home entries have serious constitutional problems and should be illegal.

If an officer has a valid search warrant, the officer can enter the home and conduct a search. However, the warrant must be obtained before the search begins. Conlogue Law LLP obtained $150,000.00 for a client when the police entered his home without a warrant and unjustifiably attempted to obtain a warrant afterwards.

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Know Your Rights

Unfortunately, police officers break the law and conduct illegal searches. And, they rationalize questionable or outright unconstitutional behavior if they believe it results in securing a conviction. They can also take advantage of a person’s lack of knowledge regarding the law. It’s not uncommon for officers to engage a suspect in conversation in order to see if the suspect will incriminate him or herself or agree to let the officers search his or her car or house voluntarily. What may appear as good police work may be nothing more than intimidation, manipulation, and outright harassment.

Because evidence obtained illegally from an unlawful search, it taints any accusations or evidence seized against a suspect. Illegally obtained evidence violates our constitution and must be stopped. Do so by calling the Conlogue Law LLP.

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