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As a trial lawyer, Conlogue Law LLP is a recognized, experienced trial firm, and is often called upon by other attorneys to represent clients for purposes of trial only. This can be done at any stage of litigation. The resources and skills of Conlogue Law LLP benefit both the client and the referring counsel, who often assists in the trial, by joining forces in the united goal of obtaining the most favorable and expeditious result for the client.

Our office knows what it takes to win trials in Los Angeles, San Diego, California, Honolulu, and other areas of Hawaii. We have recovered more than eight figures in verdicts and settlements. Many of our most significant results were obtained while acting as trial counsel.

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At Conlogue Law LLP, we provide the same dedication and work effort to trial only cases as we do to those we handle from the outset. We provide all of our clients with quality support and advocacy at every stage of the lawsuit and claim.

We handle litigation in a wide range of practice areas, including civil rightsmaritime claims, personal injury, and business disputes. We are committed to your case and your needs and to protecting your interests in court. Feel free to call us to discuss your case. Call us now at (213) 255-8837 for a free consultation. We will answer your questions without any obligation on your part to retain us as trial counsel.

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Trial Lawyer Results

Conlogue Law LLP has tried over two dozen cases to a jury with great results. Below are just some of the judgments and verdicts obtained by the Law Office of Kevin S. Conlogue:

  1. $1,300,000.00 jury verdict for an injured blue water seaman with a debilitating knee injury.
  2. $1,235,000.00 jury verdict for excessive force used by an El Monte Police Department officer against a peaceful man.
  3. $900,000.00 settlement for a car accident, open policy.
  4. $900,000.00 jury verdict against two County of Los Angeles Deputies who used excessive force and punched an innocent man.
  5. $875,000.00 settlement with the United States of America for the failure to provide medical care to an inmate.
  6. $340,000.00 judgment for a breach of contract for unpaid invoices in a business dispute.
  7. $250,000.00 settlement on the first day of trial in a dog bite case.
  8. $221,000.00 jury verdict for a motorcycle accident in Riverside County that involved a fractured ankle.
  9. $110,000.00 jury verdict for a motorcycle accident resulting in a sore neck for the motorcyclist.
  10. $100,000.00 settlement mid-trial for a slip and fall accident against the City of Los Angeles.

Referral Fees Paid

Conlogue Law LLP accepts referrals from other law firms and pays generous referral fees. To date, Conlogue Law LLP has paid over seven figures in referral fees per the State Bar rules to other law firms.

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