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Yacht Passenger Injury

A yacht passenger injury is serious and legal representation is a must to navigate admiralty and maritime law. If you get injured on a yacht or a sailboat, you must be able to prove that your injury resulted from negligence in order to be able to recover money. Negligence is the failure to act with reasonable care when sailing a yacht. With yachting accidents, Conlogue Law LLP proves that someone failed to act with reasonable care and that as a result you got hurt.

Types Of Boating Accidents

There are various types of boating accidents. The majority of boating accidents are as follows:

  • one boat hits another boat–both yachts or boats are at fault for this accident, and you can recover compensation from both
  • a boat hits another boat’s wake–if a vessel is not following proper boating laws and regulations, port speeds, and safe boating practices, you can be compensated for your injuries
  • your boat hits a submerged object, rock, or land–yachts and sailboats are to keep clear of rock and land, and collisions likely entitle you to compensation

If you have been injured or harmed at sea due to a boating accident, you need contact an experienced Los Angeles maritime lawyer. A boating accident that occurs on navigable waterways is governed by federal maritime law and tConlogue Law LLP knows what laws exist to pursue a claim on your behalf.

We seek justice against negligent yacht and boat operators. This includes the boat and yacht owners you were guests of, the charter yacht company you were a passenger on, the boat operators you were employed by, and any rental company. Call us for a free consultation at (213) 255-8837 so you can talk with a boating accident attorney. We handle boating accident claims in California, Hawaii, and the Pacific.

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