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A Motorcycle Hit My Mirror, What Can I Do?

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Biker Bumped Your Mirror? Here’s What to Do.

We’ve all been there. You’re driving down the road, minding your business, when suddenly – WHAM! —a motorcycle bumps your car mirror. It can be confusing and frustrating, leaving you wondering what steps to take next. Thankfully, a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer can equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate this situation smoothly. 

Motorcycle accidents where someone hits a mirror happen when a motorbike crashes into a car’s side mirror. This can occur if the motorcyclist is trying to pass a car. Or if the car suddenly changes lanes without seeing the motorcycle. These accidents can cause severe injuries and minor property damage.  

Key Summary: 

  • Motorcycle accidents involving hitting car mirrors are common. They can result in minor damage or serious injuries.
  • If a motorcycle hits your car mirror, you should take the following steps: stay calm, check for injuries, assess the damage, exchange information, document the scene, contact authorities, notify your insurance company, and seek legal advice.
  • Whether you receive compensation depends on various factors, including insurance coverage, liability determination, and legal considerations.
  • Even if you’re partially at fault for the accident, you may still be eligible for compensation. Your insurance coverage and the specific circumstances of the accident are essential. 

If you were in a motor accident that hit your car mirrors, do not worry. We’ll break down everything you need to do.

Motorcycle Accidents involving Hitting Car Mirrors 

Motorcycle accidents often happen when a motorcyclist hits a mirror on a vehicle. This can occur if the motorcyclist crashes into the side mirror or brushes against it while passing closely. There are a few reasons why these accidents occur:

  • Lane splitting: This is when motorcycles travel between lanes of slow or stopped traffic. If there isn’t enough space, they might hit mirrors.
  • Improper passing: Motorcyclists sometimes misjudge the distance when passing vehicles.
  • Inattention: Distracted motorcyclists and drivers might not check their surroundings properly.
  • Sudden maneuvers: Abrupt lane changes or sudden movements by the motorcyclist or the driver.
  • Poor visibility: It’s harder to see mirrors correctly when it’s dark or glare.

These accidents can cause minor damage to the mirror. They can also cause injuries to motorcyclists or even more severe crashes. Both motorcyclists and drivers must pay attention, follow traffic rules, and keep safe distances to prevent these incidents.

If a Motorcycle Hits my Mirror, What Can I Do?

There are several steps you can take to protect yourself and your legal rights if a motorcycle hits your mirror,

  1. Stay Calm: Try to remain calm and composed. Take a deep breath to steady yourself.
  2. Check for Injuries: Assess yourself and any passengers for injuries. If anyone is hurt, seek medical assistance immediately.
  3. Assess Damage: Inspect your vehicle’s mirror. Check any other areas that may have been affected by the collision and note any damage.
  4. Exchange Information: Exchange contact and insurance information with the motorcyclist involved in the accident. This includes names, phone numbers, addresses, and insurance policy details.
  5. Document the Scene: Take photos of the damage to your vehicle and the motorcycle. Document the surrounding area. This documentation can be helpful when filing an insurance claim.
  6. Contact Authorities: Contact the police and report the incident. Follow their instructions and provide any necessary information.
  7. Notify Your Insurance Company: After speaking with your legal counsel, contact your insurance provider, report the accident, and initiate the claims process. Provide them with all relevant details and documentation.
  8. Seek Legal Advice: Consult a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer if you’re unsure about your rights or responsibilities.

Remember to prioritize safety and cooperation when dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle hitting your mirror.

Will I Receive Compensation After the Accident?

Whether or not you receive compensation for the damage to your vehicle depends on several factors. These include the circumstances of the accident, insurance coverage, and liability determination.

  • Insurance Coverage: You might get compensation if your car insurance includes comprehensive or collision coverage. They can cover the repair or replacement of your mirror. But you might have to pay a bit first, a deductible.
  • Liability Determination: The insurance companies will investigate the accident to determine who caused it. If the motorcyclist is to blame for hitting your mirror, their insurance could pay for the repairs or a new mirror.
  • Legal Considerations: If the insurance companies can’t agree on who’s responsible or if things get complicated, talk to a lawyer. They can help you understand what you can do to get compensation.
  • Small Claims Court: If the damage isn’t too bad and the insurance companies can’t sort things out, consider going to small claims court. That’s where you can ask for compensation to repair your car.

It’s essential to communicate with your insurance company. Follow their guidance throughout the claims process. They can provide information about your coverage and assist you in filing a compensation claim.

What If I am Partially At-fault, Will I Still Receive Compensation? 

If you’re at fault for a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, you may still be eligible for compensation. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Insurance Coverage: If you have collision coverage in your car insurance, it might pay to fix or replace your vehicle. This is even if the accident was your fault. 
  • Extent of Coverage: Check your insurance policy to see what it covers. The amount of money you get depends on what your policy says and if there are any rules about what it won’t pay for.
  • Personal Injury Protection: Personal injury protection or medical payments coverage might help pay medical bills. You are covered regardless of who caused the accident. 
  • Legal Liability: Even if you caused the accident, your insurance company will handle talking to other people involved. They will also figure out how much to pay them for damage or injuries.
  • Potential Consequences: There can be consequences for causing an accident. This includes having to pay more for insurance. Your insurance company might also say you’re partly to blame. And this could affect how much money you get.
  • Legal Assistance: If you’re unsure what to do about compensation or need help understanding the process, consult with a lawyer. They can give advice and help ensure you get treated fairly.

Ultimately, it’s important to talk openly with your insurance company and get help from a lawyer if you’re unsure what to do. 

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So, there you have it!  A handy guide to navigating a situation where a motorcycle bumps your car mirror. Remember, staying calm, assessing the situation, and following the steps outlined here can help you handle this situation effectively. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney at Conlogue Law LLP is also here and ready to help you manage the situation. 

With Conlogue Law LLP, you’ll be well-prepared to deal with the aftermath of a motorcycle mirror accident. We can also assist in other vehicular accidents such as hit and run, overspeeding, distracted driving, and more. Do not think twice; contact us for a free initial consultation.

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