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When it comes to hip injury cases, our team of highly skilled attorneys at Conlogue Law LLP possesses a deep understanding of California’s legal landscape. Our Beverly Hills hip injury attorney has successfully represented numerous clients in similar cases, and our track record of achieving substantial settlements and verdicts speaks for itself. 


Whether your hip injury was caused by a slip and fall, a workplace accident, medical malpractice, or a motor vehicle collision, we have the experience and resources to build a strong case on your behalf. If you or a loved one is grappling with a hip injury issue in California, don’t face the legal battle alone. 


Our dedicated team at Conlogue Law LLP is here to provide the guidance, support, and aggressive representation you need to pursue justice and secure the compensation you deserve.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us help you navigate the complexities of your hip injury case. Remember, your rights matter, and we are here to fight for you.


What is a Hip Injury?


A hip injury refers to any damage or trauma that affects the hip joint, surrounding muscles, ligaments, tendons, or bones. The hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint connecting the thigh bone (femur) to the pelvis, and it plays a crucial role in supporting body weight, facilitating movement, and maintaining stability. Hip injuries can encompass a wide range of conditions, including fractures, dislocations, strains, sprains, bursitis, tendonitis, labral tears, and osteoarthritis. 


A hip injury can result from accidents, sports activities, overuse, repetitive motions, aging, or underlying medical conditions, and they can cause pain, limited mobility, weakness, instability, and functional impairment. Proper diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation are essential for managing hip injuries effectively and restoring optimal hip function.


If you are a victim of a hip injury accident, it is important to have a trusted Beverly Hills hip injury attorney by your side who will fight for your rights to get the compensation you deserve. Talk to our personal injury attorneys now!


What Are the Most Common Injuries of the Hip?

The hip is a complex joint that can be susceptible to various injuries. Some of the most common hip injuries include:

Hip Fractures

Hip fractures, especially among older adults, are a common injury. They often occur due to falls, particularly in individuals with weakened bones, such as osteoporosis. Hip fractures can involve the femoral neck, intertrochanteric region, or femoral head, and they require immediate medical attention.

Strains and Sprains

Strains occur when muscles around the hip are overstretched or torn, while sprains involve damage to the ligaments. These injuries can result from overuse, sudden movements, or sports activities. Strains and sprains can cause pain, swelling, and limited range of motion.

Hip Dislocation

A hip dislocation occurs when the femoral head is forced out of the hip socket. It is often caused by high-impact accidents or trauma, such as motor vehicle collisions or sports injuries. Hip dislocations are severe injuries and require urgent medical treatment to relocate the joint.


Bursae are small fluid-filled sacs that cushion the hip joint. Inflammation or irritation of the bursae can lead to bursitis. This condition can be caused by repetitive motions, overuse, or direct trauma to the hip. Bursitis can cause pain, tenderness, and swelling around the hip joint.

Labral Tears

The labrum is a ring of cartilage that surrounds the hip socket, providing stability and cushioning. Labral tears can occur due to repetitive motions, trauma, or conditions like Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI). Symptoms include hip pain, clicking or catching sensations, and limited range of motion.


It’s important to note that hip injuries can vary in severity, from minor strains and sprains to more severe fractures or dislocations. Prompt medical evaluation and treatment are crucial for the proper diagnosis and management of hip injuries.

What Causes Hip Injuries?

Hip injuries are not exclusive to the elderly population. Even if you are young and in good health, there are situations where you could still experience a hip injury. Some possible causes of hip injuries, regardless of age or overall health include:


  • Involvement in a car accident
  • Sports-related accidents or injuries
  • Incidents that occur in the workplace
  • Slipping and falling accidents
  • Various other situations and circumstances


If you suspect that someone is responsible for creating circumstances that led to your hip injury or the injury of a loved one, you may have grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit. In such a case, you are seeking to hold that person accountable for their actions or negligence, which resulted in the injury. 


By pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, you aim to establish legal responsibility and seek compensation for the damages caused by the hip injury.

What to Do Following a Hip Injury in California?

If you have experienced a hip injury in California, it’s essential to take certain steps to protect your health, rights, and potential legal claims. Here’s what you should consider doing following a hip injury:

Report the Incident

If your hip injury occurred due to an accident or negligence, such as a slip and fall, workplace incident, or car accident, report the incident to the appropriate authorities or supervisors. This is particularly important if the injury occurred on someone else’s property or was work-related.

Preserve Evidence

Preserve any evidence related to your hip injury and the incident that caused it. This may include taking photographs of the accident scene, your injuries, and any visible hazards. Keep medical records, bills, and receipts for your treatment and expenses. If there were witnesses to the accident, try to obtain their contact information.

Document the Accident

Write down a detailed account of the accident while it is still fresh in your memory. Include information such as the date, time, location, circumstances, and contributing factors leading to your hip injury. Be as specific and accurate as possible.

Seek Medical Attention

Seek immediate medical attention for proper diagnosis, treatment, and documentation of your hip injury. A medical professional will assess the severity of your injury, provide necessary treatment, and create a medical record that can be vital for any potential legal proceedings.

Consult With an Attorney

Consider consulting with our qualified hip injury attorney in Beverly Hills, CA. We can assess the circumstances surrounding your injury, evaluate your potential legal claim, and guide you through the legal process. We will help protect your rights, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and, if necessary, file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Follow Medical Advice

Follow the treatment plan prescribed by your healthcare professional and attend all recommended follow-up appointments. Adhering to medical advice not only aids in your recovery but also strengthens your potential legal claim by demonstrating your commitment to healing and mitigating damages.


Remember, every hip injury case is unique, and the specific actions you should take may vary based on the circumstances. Consulting with our knowledgeable personal injury attorney will ensure that you receive personalized guidance tailored to your situation and that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Who Can Be Held Liable for My Hip Injury?

The party or parties who can be held liable for a hip injury depend on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Here are some potential parties that could be held responsible for your hip injury:

Property Owners

If your hip injury occurred on someone else’s property, such as a slip and fall in a store or a premises liability incident, the property owner or manager might be held liable if they failed to maintain a safe environment, fix hazards, or provide adequate warning signs.


In cases where a hip injury occurs at the workplace, the employer may be held responsible. Employers have a duty to provide a safe working environment, and if they fail to uphold that duty, resulting in hip injury, they may be liable. This can include situations involving unsafe conditions, lack of training, or inadequate safety measures.

Negligent Individuals

If your hip injury was caused by the negligent actions of an individual, such as a car accident or an assault, that person may be held personally liable for your injuries. This can apply to situations where someone’s careless or reckless behavior directly caused your hip injury.

Healthcare Professionals

In cases where a hip injury is caused by medical malpractice, such as a surgical error or misdiagnosis, the responsible healthcare professional or medical institution may be held liable for the resulting harm.

Product Manufacturers

If a defective hip implant or medical device caused your hip injury, the manufacturer or distributor of the product might be held accountable through a product liability claim.


Determining liability in a hip injury case can be complex, as it requires a thorough investigation of the facts, the gathering of evidence, and an understanding of relevant laws and legal precedents. 


It is advisable to consult with our competent Beverly Hills hip injury attorney who can assess the specific circumstances of your case, identify potential liable parties, and help you pursue a compensation claim.

What Financial Compensation Can I Receive for My Hip Injury Claim?

If you or a loved one has suffered a hip injury in an accident, it is crucial to explore all available options for obtaining compensation. Hip injuries often entail a lengthy recovery process, and injured individuals need to access the financial support they need. 


At Conlogue Law LLP, our qualified Beverly Hills hip injury lawyers possess the necessary legal knowledge to assist you and your family in establishing liability, enabling you to hold the responsible party accountable for your accident-related losses. We will diligently work with you to construct a robust legal case, helping you pursue compensation for:


  • Immediate medical expenses incurred during emergency treatment
  • Continued medical care is required for your recovery
  • Physical therapy sessions to aid in rehabilitation
  • Essential medical equipment needed for your condition
  • Additional rehabilitative care to support your recovery process
  • Tangible economic losses arising incidentally from the accident
  • Compensation for temporary or permanent disability caused by the hip injury
  • Lost wages due to the inability to work currently or in the future
  • Damages for the physical and emotional pain endured
  • Compensation for any disfigurement resulting from the hip injury


At Conlogue Law LLP, our dedicated team is equipped to assist you in seeking compensation for these various aspects, ensuring that you receive the full financial support you deserve.

What is California’s Statute of Limitations for Hip Injury Claims?

In California, the statute of limitations for hip injury lawsuits is generally set at two years from the date of the accident or injury. It is important to note that there may be exceptions that could modify this timeframe, but the standard default period is two years. Once this time limit expires, your legal right to file a lawsuit against the responsible party may be lost.


Although two years may seem like a sufficient amount of time, it is crucial to act promptly and reach out to our personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Initiating the process early allows us to gather crucial evidence and protect your rights effectively. 


The sooner we can assemble the necessary information to support your case, the quicker we can proceed with filing the lawsuit on your behalf. Don’t delay, take action today to ensure that your rights are secured within the given timeframe.

Why Do I Need a Hip Injury Attorney in California?

If you prefer not to pursue compensation independently, you have the option to enlist the services of our qualified Beverly Hills hip injury attorney to advocate for you. In such a case, our personal injury lawyer may provide the following assistance and support:


  • Assist with all the necessary paperwork, legal communications, and negotiations involved in your lawsuit
  • Gather relevant evidence to support your case
  • Engage expert witnesses whose expertise can strengthen your lawsuit
  • Determine the appropriate amount of compensation you deserve and negotiate with the opposing party or present your case to a jury with that amount in mind.
  • Protect and advocate for your legal rights throughout the entire process.


Our hip injury attorney will strive to secure a favorable outcome or negotiate a settlement that provides you with financial recovery for the damages you have suffered as a result of your hip injury.

Personalized Legal Assistance for All Beverly Hills Hip Injury Victims

If you have suffered a hip injury in California, Conlogue Law LLP is here to provide the exceptional legal representation you deserve. Our dedicated Beverly Hills hip injury attorney understands the complexities of hip injury cases and is committed to advocating for your rights. 


With our extensive knowledge of California’s legal landscape, we are well-equipped to handle various hip injury issues, including fractures, dislocations, strains, and more. At Conlogue Law LLP, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of personalized attention and support throughout their legal journey.  Our track record of successful settlements and verdicts speaks to our commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.


If you need skilled legal assistance for your hip injury case, don’t hesitate to contact Conlogue Law LLP today. Our law firm can also assist you with Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, and Premises Liability.


Our compassionate team is ready to provide you with the guidance and aggressive representation necessary to navigate the complexities of the legal process. Your rights matter, and we are here to fight for you.

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